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Your privacy is our primary concern!

You do not have to enter personal information on this website

You log in with the number on your test package.

Then we ask a few questions, such as your age and sexual preference, to gain insight into the participants in this study. All questions can be answered anonymously.

We do ask you for a voluntary email address for a follow-up questionnaire that you receive by mail 3 weeks after testing. Here, we ask for your experiences with the self-test. This information will be used to improve the self-test service.

All data collected in this project will be treated confidentially. Only project researchers (GGD Amsterdam, STI Aids Netherlands, RIVM) are allowed to analyse the data. They can save the data up to 10 years after the end of the project. Email addresses will be destroyed immediately after receipt of the questionnaire. Data is used for presentations at scientific conferences and for scientific publications.

You can always request your data or have it removed. Then, you need the code on your test package and the login code that is created by the website. Save both of the codes well! You also need them if you want to log in on the website several times.

For questions about the project, you can contact a project member via

Do not forget to close your account and the browser at the end of the session, especially if you share your computer with other users. This prevents others from gaining access to your data.

Your IP address will not be stored.